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Senior College and Career Readiness

Mission Statement

The knowledge gained in junior high and high school will prepare students to be ready for training beyond high school or enter the job market, and they will have the knowledge to put themselves in a position where they have career options.



Roy Wrinkle



UCC foundation scholarships are due March 15th


Senior Year Timeline

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Complete OSAC personal statements.

Have three letters of recommendation.

OSAC closes February 15th
College Foundation scholarships

UCC Scholars


Riddle Community Scholarship
Ford Scholars Program



Tom Goin


Good standing


Oregon Promise closes


Senior Minimum Expectations  


Complete and post your FAFSA by the end of November. 

Complete three college applications one should be the UCC application.

For students going into a trade- Complete three college applications to schools with trade school training.

For students with no desire to continue education after high school- You should complete three career job shadows.

All seniors need to set up their black folders and keep their folders up to date.

Passing all needed classes on good standing to be able to walk in graduation.

You need to graduate on time.

Create an after high school email that will be used for several years and has an appropriate name for job interviews, resumes, etc.


Senior Preferred Expectations


Have a GPA of 2.5 or above so you qualify for Oregon Promise.

Complete the Oregon Promise application.

Complete OSAC application and the OSAC Personal Statements.

Apply for OSAC scholarships.

Complete and turn in the Wixson scholarship.

Complete and turn in the Riddle Community scholarship.



Scholarship log in information

You need to open the Google Chrome web browser and log into Google.


In the Google apps box, you will find the Naviance icon in the lower right corner of the list of Google apps.


Once you click on the Naviance icon, it will log you directly into Naviance.


At the top of the page click on colleges.

From the drop-down men click on Scholarship List.

On this page, you will click on Local & Regional Scholarships in the top left corner.

You are now on the Riddle High School scholarship page.




FAFSA is one of the first college activities on which seniors will work.


Even if you do not think you qualify for FAFSA make sure you complete your FAFSA.

You cannot get Oregon Promise or certain scholarships without completing FAFSA.

Remember FAFSA pays for tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation.


The sooner you get FAFSA done, the better the chance you have of getting money.

No one at the school has access to your FAFSA information.

Information needed to complete FAFSA


1 You need access to a computer 


2 Go to https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa


3 Last year's tax information


4 You will need the student's social security number


5 You will need parent's social security number


6 You will need to create a student FSA ID to log in electronically


7 You will need to create a parent FSA ID to log in electronically

8 The parent section of FAFSA must be completed for the FAFSA to be reviewed




10 You will need to keep your log in information so you can update your FAFSA each year- no update no money




Seniors need to apply for as many scholarships as possible since you never know which ones you will get.

Do not assume that there is no need to apply for a scholarship because a senior with a high GPA is applying for the same scholarship. Scholarship requirements vary depending on the scholarship. GPA is not even considered for some scholarships.

Being involved in activities in or outside of school can help you get certain scholarships.

Many scholarships want you to have community service hours.

You need to make sure you fill out the entire scholarship application and sign it. Blank space and no signature means your application gets recycled.

It is important to apply for scholarships of $500 and below. Most students feel it is a waste of time to fill out scholarships for $500 or less. That means you have a better chance of getting these scholarships. What other time in your life can you make $500 in an hour?

Make sure you fill out all local scholarships first. You have a better chance of getting money from a Douglas County or South County scholarship than a national scholarship.



OSAC opens on November 1st and closes on March 1st.

If you wait until March 1st to complete your OSAC application, many of the scholarships will have closed by then.

On OSAC there are many scholarships accessible for students. There are about 50 available for Riddle students. Out of that 50, most students will actually qualify for 10 to 20 scholarships.

More and more organizations with scholarships are working with OSAC, which means it is more important than ever to complete your OSAC application.

Below are the personal statements that you need to complete for the OSAC scholarships.

OSAC Personal Statement Questions


1 What are your specific educational plans and career goals and why? What inspires you to achieve them?​

2 What have you done for your family or community that you care about the most and why?

3 Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it.

4 Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself?

College Information


College applications need to be completed early in the school year so seniors can apply for foundation scholarships for the college they wish to attend. Most foundation scholarships are available in February and they are open for a short time.

College visits can help a student decide if this is the right college or not. Colleges have set times and days for guided tours. You can contact the college or check their website to find out when you can get a guided tour. Some colleges offer a scholarship to students that do a guided tour of their college. If you are signed up with Freddy, you have the opportunity to visit a number of colleges throughout the school year.

Most colleges have some type of orientation for new students. Some schools require students to attend orientation on the college campus. Other colleges have an orientation program online for new students, and some schools will provide the orientation class at high schools. Umpqua Community College provides orientation at the high school and they setup a time for the students to meet with an advisor.

Housing needs to be taken care of as early as possible. At the beginning of the school year there typically more students wanting dorm rooms than there are dorm rooms. If you wait to sign up for housing, you may not get a dorm room. Most colleges expect you to live in the dorms for your first year.

You must meet with an advisor before you can schedule your classes. Having your first meeting with your advisor in late summer or fall means you might not get the classes that you want or need.

Many colleges require placement testing before you can attend their school. Other colleges will accept state test scores, Sat scores,  or ACT scores in place of a placement test score. Check with the college to find out what they will accept as a placement test. 

Make sure you have a backup plan in case you do not end up in the college that you wanted. Things do not always work out the way we would like. You might find out that you do not have enough money for the college you want to attend, you might have a family emergency and have to stay close to home, you might get cold feet and decide to go to a smaller college, you might get cold feet and decide to go to a college closer to home. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Oregon Promise


Oregon Promise opens on November 1st and closes on June 1st.

If you wait until June 1st to complete your Oregon Promise application, you will most likely not get any funds from Oregon Promise.


To complete the Oregon Promise application you must include a copy of semester seven transcripts.

Oregon Promise pays part of your tuition that FAFSA does not pay.

Oregon Promise pays tuition for community colleges in Oregon.

You must have a 2.5 or above GPA.

Even if you think you are going to a University you need to fill out Oregon Promise just in case. 

Senior Night


Throughout the school year, we provide senior nights for students to work on and get help with college-related work.

Seniors that show up for senior nights are a lot more productive than the seniors that do not.

We do the senior nights on Wednesday so even if students are involved in sports they can work for an hour or more before going to practice.


Some nights they can come back and work after practice.

Find Your Talent Toward A Career

Career Aptitude Tests